Jessica Kokas

Jessica has been a registered nurse since 2015 and has spent the majority of her nursing career in the neonatal intensive care unit. Her unique background with both adults and newborns has developed her into an excellent educator for new parents.

Along with being a bedside nurse, she is also the Chair of her Unit-Based Council. She is constantly searching for new ways to improve the NICU. She loves to spend time with her dog and two cats on her days off and enjoys traveling with her friends.

Vana Orojian

Vana has been a neonatal intensive care nurse since 2015. She is passionate about neurodevelopmentally-appropriate care for newborns and is certified in neonatal touch and massage.

She loves to stay informed on the latest research related to newborns and help implement evidence-based practices in her unit. When she’s not working, she likes to spend her time gardening and maintaining a beehive.

Lynda Myers

Lynda became an RN in 2011 after attending school in Ft. Worth, TX. After moving to Las Vegas, NV and working with adults for a couple of years, she quickly found her place in a level II NICU. In 2018, she relocated to California and currently works in the level III NICU at Providence St. Joe’s in Burbank.

In addition to being a member of the hospital’s Unit Based Council and taking on many projects to improve the unit, she has numerous neonatal certifications including her RNC for NICU, Extremely Low Birth Weight, and Lactation Counselor. She is also a lead STABLE instructor and teaches classes so others can obtain their certification.

Lynda currently lives with her husband who is a musician and her three cats. In her free time, she loves to travel to new places and participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and animal watching. She also loves to attend any musical theatre productions and currently dances with a local company called LA Unbound.

Danika Sanchez

Danika began her nursing career in 2018, with time spent in both the NICU and in Postpartum/Mother-Baby. This gives her a unique perspective into the relationships and bonding processes between parents and babies. Education is her passion; she not only enjoys educating parents on caring for their newborns but continues to learn about new theories and evidence-based practice with regards to parenting and newborns.

She holds a BSN in nursing, an RNC for NICU, and is certified in neonatal touch and massage. Outside of nursing, Danika loves to travel with her friends and family, read books (of all genres), and bake.

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